Dr. Lilly Mbinglo. CPA

Discover the empowering journey and invaluable business insights of Dr. Lilly Mbinglo, CPA, inspired by her mother, a true SHERO who excelled in every role. This book offers a blend of heartfelt stories and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesswomen alike.


From Kitchen Table to Boardroom: Lessons from a True SHERO

This book blends personal anecdotes with actionable business insights, offering readers a comprehensive guide to achieving success in both life and business.

Start Right Where You Are

Understand how to leverage your current resources and situation to kickstart your business journey, inspired by the author's mother, who began her tailoring business with limited means and grew it into a thriving enterprise.

Money/Financial Management

Discover effective financial management strategies that Dr. Mbinglo's mother employed, including budgeting, saving, and smart investing, which are crucial for sustaining and growing a business.

The Fabric of a SHERO: Business Success Tips


Sales Growth

Set Goals

Build Dreams

Important Details

Discover the Secrets to Achieving Unmatched Success

Start Right Where You Are

Learn how to leverage your current circumstances and resources to begin your entrepreneurial journey, just as Dr. Mbinglo's mother did with her tailoring business.

The Importance of Consistency

Discover the power of showing up consistently in your business and life, a principle that drove the author's mother to build a successful enterprise despite numerous challenges.

Master Financial Management

Gain essential tips on budgeting, saving, and investing, drawn from the author's mother's practices, which are crucial for sustaining and growing any business.

Prioritize Health and Well-being

Understand the significance of maintaining your physical and mental health as a foundation for long-term success, inspired by the balanced approach of Dr. Mbinglo's mother.

Empower and Mentor Others

Embrace the role of mentorship and community support, following the example set by the author's mother, who uplifted other women and fostered a network of empowered individuals.

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Get ready to elevate your journey with “The Fabric of a SHERO.” This inspiring book offers practical insights and heartfelt stories to guide you towards conquering your dreams.

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